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St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation
1001 Craig Road, Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63146

Who We Are

St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation is part of St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors a faith-based, non-sectarian, nonprofit dedicated to building a society in which older adults are respected and whose needs for a secure and productive life are fulfilled. St. Andrew’s has a legacy on meeting the needs of the aging population in the St. Louis area. We focus on enhancing the lives of each older adult by providing a full range of well-being services and secure living environments to older adults over the age of 65.

Who We Serve

St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate care to economically disadvantaged adults 65+ living in the Greater Metropolitan St. Louis area.

Our seniors live on average incomes of $233 per week ($316 per week for couples). These seniors struggle to afford such necessities as food, clothing, transportation, prescriptions, mortgage payments or rent, home repair and medical care.

Aging in Missouri

The elderly have increased more consistently and proportionately than any age group. Persons age 65 and over represented ten percent of the population in 1950. By 2000, their ranks had risen to 13 percent of the total population and it is estimated that by 2030 this group will represent more than one-fifth of Missourians (21%).

Between 1950 and 2000, the 65-and-over population grew by 85 percent to 755,000. This group is projected to grow by an additional 87% between 2000 and 2030 when their numbers are projected to swell to 1.4 million as the baby-boom generation progresses into this age category.

The increases in Missouri’s elderly population, caused by increased longevity of the elderly and the baby-boom generation progressing into this age classification, likely will have the greatest impact on Missouri of any changes seen among other age groups.

Federal Poverty Level

$1,012/month or $12,140/year – This is the calculated income needed for an individual person to pay for food, housing, healthcare and transportation. The FPL is used to determine an individual’s eligibility for certain programs and benefits, including savings on Marketplace health insurance, and Medicaid.

Elder Index: Missouri

$1,672/month or $20,064/year – This is the calculated income needed for a single Missourian senior, who rents, to pay for food, housing, healthcare and transportation.

$1,482/month or $17,784/year – This is the calculated income needed for a Missourian, who owns their home and has no mortgage left to pay, to pay for food, housing, healthcare and transportation.

Profile of Missouri Seniors in Need

  • Currently 9.5% of Missouri seniors have annual incomes of less than $10,000 and 27% less than $20,000.
  • 50% of all senior women devote more than 1/3 of their income to housing
  • 37% of senior have a disability
  • 12% of seniors have two or more disabilities
  • 30% of seniors are more likely to fall in Missouri than the national average.
  • Unfit homes, lack of mobility, medical concerns and other obstacles severely impact quality of life for seniors
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are expensive

What Does St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation Do?

  1. We address the health and welfare needs of low-income seniors in the Greater Metropolitan St. Louis area.
  2. We provide a full range of at-home services and compassionate care programs to seniors at no cost.
  3. We enhance the quality of life for deserving seniors in our community.

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